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+# ACPI Source Language
+# Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification Revision 5.0, ยง19.3
+# http://acpi.info/spec50.htm
+AccessAs Acquire Add Alias And Arg0 Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5 Arg6 \
+BankField Break BreakPoint Buffer Case Concatenate ConcatenateResTemplate \
+CondRefOf Connection Continue CopyObject CreateBitField CreateByteField \
+CreateDWordField CreateField CreateQWordField CreateWordField DataTableRegion \
+Debug Decrement Default DefinitionBlock DerefOf Device Device Divide DMA \
+DWordIO DWordMemory DWordSpace EisaId ElseIf Else EndDependentFn Event \
+ExtendedIO ExtendedMemory ExtendedMemory ExtendedSpace External Fatal Field \
+FindSetLeftBit FindSetRightBit FixedDMA FixedIO FromBCD Function GpioInt GpioIo \
+I2CSerialBus If Include Increment Index IndexField Interrupt IO IRQNoFlags IRQ \
+LAnd LEqual LGreater LGreaterEqual LLess LLessEqual LNotEqual LNot Load LoadTable \
+Local0 Local1 Local2 Local3 Local4 Local5 Local6 Local7 LOr Match Memory24 \
+Memory32 Memory32Fixed Method Mid Mod Multiply Mutex Name NAnd NoOp NOr Not \
+Notify Offset ObjectType Ones One OperationRegion Or Package PowerResource \
+Processor QWordIO QWordMemory QWordSpace RawDataBuffer RefOf Register Release \
+Reset ResourceTemplate Return Revision Scope ShiftLeft ShiftRight Signal SizeOf \
+Sleep SPISerialBus Stall StartDependentFn StartDependentFnNoPri Store Subtract \
+Switch ThermalZone Timer ToBCD ToBuffer ToDecimalString ToHexString ToInteger \
+ToString ToUUID UARTSerialBus Unicode Unload VendorLong VendorShort Wait While \
+WordBusNumber WordIO WordSpace XOr Zero
+# ripped straight from http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/p/pygments-asl/
+# the spec itself has no convenient list of these keywords
+AttribQuick AttribSendReceive AttribByte AttribBytes AttribRawBytes \
+AttribRawProcessBytes AttribWord AttribBlock AttribProcessCall AttribBlockProcessCall \
+AnyAcc ByteAcc WordAcc DWordAcc QWordAcc BufferAcc AddressRangeMemory \
+AddressRangeReserved AddressRangeNVS AddressRangeACPI RegionSpaceKeyword \
+FFixedHW PCC AddressingMode7Bit AddressingMode10Bit DataBitsFive DataBitsSix \
+DataBitsSeven DataBitsEight DataBitsNine BusMaster NotBusMaster ClockPhaseFirst \
+ClockPhaseSecond ClockPolarityLow ClockPolarityHigh SubDecode PosDecode BigEndianing \
+LittleEndian AttribBytes AttribRawBytes AttribRawProcessBytes FlowControlNone \
+FlowControlXon FlowControlHardware Edge Level ActiveHigh ActiveLow ActiveHigh \
+ActiveLow ActiveBoth Decode16 Decode10 IoRestrictionNone IoRestrictionInputOnly \
+IoRestrictionOutputOnly IoRestrictionNoneAndPreserve Lock NoLock \
+MTR MEQ MLE MLT MGE MGT MaxFixed MaxNotFixed Cacheable WriteCombining Prefetchable \
+NonCacheable MinFixed MinNotFixed UnknownObj IntObj StrObj BuffObj PkgObj FieldUnitObj \
+DeviceObj EventObj MethodObj MutexObj OpRegionObj PowerResObj ProcessorObj \
+ThermalZoneObj BuffFieldObj DDBHandleObj ParityTypeNone ParityTypeSpace ParityTypeMark \
+ParityTypeOdd ParityTypeEven PullDefault PullUp PullDown PullNone PolarityHigh \
+PolarityLow ISAOnlyRanges NonISAOnlyRanges EntireRange ReadWrite ReadOnly \
+UserDefRegionSpace SystemIO SystemMemory PCI_Config EmbeddedControl SMBus SystemCMOS \
+PciBarTarget IPMI GeneralPurposeIO GenericSerialBus ResourceConsumer ResourceProducer \
+Serialized NotSerialized Shared Exclusive SharedAndWake ExclusiveAndWake \
+ControllerInitiated DeviceInitiated StopBitsZero StopBitsOne StopBitsOnePlusHalf \
+StopBitsTwo Width8Bit Width16Bit Width32Bit Width64Bit Width128Bit Width256Bit \
+SparseTranslation DenseTranslation TypeTranslation TypeStatic Preserve WriteAsOnes \
+WriteAsZeros Transfer8 Transfer16 Transfer8_16 ThreeWireMode FourWireMode