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--- a/src/SciTEGlobal.properties
+++ b/src/SciTEGlobal.properties
@@ -383,6 +383,7 @@
@@ -588,6 +589,7 @@
@@ -621,7 +623,7 @@
 imports.exclude=abaqus asn1 au3 avenue avs baan blitzbasic bullant \
 cobol cmake csound ecl escript flagship forth freebasic gap haskell inno \
 kix latex lot lout metapost mmixal modula3 nimrod nncrontab nsis \
-opal oscript powerpro powershell purebasic r rebol \
+opal oscript powerpro powershell purebasic r rebol rust \
 scriptol smalltalk sorcins spice specman \
 tacl tal txt2tags verilog vhdl
 # Newly removed: ave baan escript lot metapost mmixal

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