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Scite Log

Commit Date  
[80514f] by Neil Neil

Visual C++ project file added.

2014-01-22 01:40:22 Tree
[ee0ed5] by Neil Neil

Change default bookmark marker to be a red bookmark ribbon.

2014-01-22 00:20:42 Tree
[6ea825] by Neil Neil

Updated to match Scintilla.

2014-01-22 00:19:41 Tree
[7e92c8] by Neil Neil

Remove dead line.

2014-01-19 06:02:47 Tree
[81815e] by Neil Neil

Catch any remaining Scintilla exceptions and display crash box.

2014-01-19 06:02:37 Tree
[1522c8] by Neil Neil

Use dynamic length file paths to avoid overflowing fixed length buffers.

2014-01-18 23:22:40 Tree
[c84047] by Neil Neil

Fix BaseName to return "" for ".ext" instead of returning ".ext".

2014-01-18 23:21:50 Tree
[5a08ae] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Restore default of visible fold margin.

2014-01-18 00:08:12 Tree
[57382b] by Neil Neil

Implement toolbar.large setting for a larger toolbar with larger icons.

2014-01-17 22:10:16 Tree
[55e55b] by Neil Neil

Allow modifying the margin width and fold margin width while running.

2014-01-17 22:07:50 Tree
[03f1fa] by Neil Neil

Updated from Scintilla.

2014-01-14 08:13:44 Tree
[4f8c38] by Neil Neil

Make IFaceTableGen and commandsdoc callable from other Python code and
call them from RegenerateSource to help ensure all files updated.

2014-01-14 08:13:29 Tree
[c309a3] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Fix typo.

2014-01-15 23:00:42 Tree
[ec083b] by Neil Neil

More replacement of SString with std::string/std::ostringstream.

2014-01-12 04:25:56 Tree
[ec3e70] by Neil Neil

Don't leak if clipboard won't open.

2014-01-12 04:23:18 Tree
[b979b5] by Neil Neil

Remove old workarounds for system headers missing elements.

2014-01-12 04:21:58 Tree
[31a276] by Neil Neil

Handle call failure if ftell returns negative.

2014-01-12 04:21:15 Tree
[bf7f2a] by Neil Neil

Some switching to std::string.

2014-01-11 23:51:38 Tree
[278132] by Neil Neil

Correct source indentation.

2014-01-10 01:30:38 Tree
[6b3b9c] by Neil Neil

Bug [#1568]. Show a warning when trying to open a directory.

2014-01-08 01:53:34 Tree
[a76d99] by Neil Neil

Change StringFromInteger to accept long values.

2014-01-08 01:50:40 Tree
[aa71eb] by Neil Neil

Specify minimum Python version for scripts.

2013-12-31 23:14:36 Tree
[f9488e] by Neil Neil

Updated with changes for ASL and Rust.

2013-12-23 03:41:24 Tree
[2d2ea4] by SiegeLord SiegeLord

Update Rust keywords.

2013-12-21 18:41:21 Tree
[5d5073] by Neil Neil

Switch to mingw32-make for g++ builds.

2013-12-17 03:19:56 Tree
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