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[5a608d] by nyamatongwe

Updated build scripts as tar has changed treatment of parameters in FC 4.

2005-08-01 13:21:51 Tree
[46425c] by nyamatongwe

Updated sizes.

2005-08-01 13:21:04 Tree
[7a8fac] by nyamatongwe

Getting ready for release.

2005-07-30 01:33:20 Tree
[256f4a] by nyamatongwe

Allow UTF-8 BOM at beginning of properties files.

2005-07-29 01:22:40 Tree
[ece4db] by nyamatongwe

Fixed bug where middle clicking in edit window caused file to close.

2005-07-28 10:26:24 Tree
[02baff] by nyamatongwe

Changed Slash to allow quoting of quote characters.
Using Slash to protect value of search string when passed to subprocess.
Updated version and date.

2005-07-28 09:22:33 Tree
[cfdf73] by nyamatongwe

Added IsRoot and RootLength to determine if a particular FilePath is a root
and so it is not possible to go higher.
Changed Directory method so it never tries to go above root.

2005-07-28 09:21:04 Tree
[b5b9ad] by nyamatongwe

Using FilePath::Directory to go up one level so that this does not produce
an empty value.

2005-07-28 09:15:38 Tree
[8aef43] by nyamatongwe

Updated for find.command and character.set.

2005-07-28 07:04:02 Tree
[43c548] by nyamatongwe

Getting ready for 1.65.

2005-07-26 08:36:34 Tree
[81c2b8] by nyamatongwe

Made batch file colours more harmonious.

2005-07-26 08:03:48 Tree
[26d268] by nyamatongwe

Including FilePath.

2005-07-26 07:54:46 Tree
[3c8ea9] by nyamatongwe

Changed internal grep to be run on a new thread so doesn't block GUI.

2005-07-26 07:27:30 Tree
[f31201] by nyamatongwe

Memory leak fixed.

2005-07-22 13:22:07 Tree
[54d950] by nyamatongwe

Patch from Steve Menard improves batch file lexing, recognizing more
builtin syntax.

2005-07-22 05:29:47 Tree
[b81a08] by nyamatongwe

Reverted as inaccurate description of Cyrillic.

2005-07-22 05:23:24 Tree
[08f229] by nyamatongwe


2005-07-22 02:02:08 Tree
[52ee18] by nyamatongwe

Changed InternalGrep call to specify output to output pane.

2005-07-22 02:01:28 Tree
[6eaa56] by nyamatongwe

For InternalGrep, run SciTE as a separate process with the -grep command
line argument.
Simplified dialog code.
Added [..] button to Find In Files dialog.

2005-07-22 02:00:10 Tree
[04be4d] by nyamatongwe

Support for FreeBasic from Elias Pschernig.

2005-07-22 01:57:58 Tree
[f95061] by nyamatongwe

Allow InternalGrep to print to stdout instead of output pane so can be used
as a separate process on GTK+.

2005-07-22 01:57:17 Tree
[15e56d] by nyamatongwe

Patch from Kamen Stanev allows <% inside PHP strings.

2005-07-19 08:18:09 Tree
[ccdaad] by nyamatongwe

Fixed bug where save file message was switched between (Untitled) and
file name.

2005-07-19 08:16:00 Tree
[69566b] by nyamatongwe

Support for Cyrillic code page 1252 on GTK+.

2005-07-18 01:01:13 Tree
[0f25c1] by nyamatongwe

Section about encodings.

2005-07-18 00:39:57 Tree
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