#805 Possibility to navigate with back/forward


Possibility to navigate back and forth in the document without the hassle of bookmarks. Typical usage is the following:
- You are browsing the source code, then you do a <ctrl-j> to jump to the definition of a function (<ctrl-j> might be AutoIt specific, but you get the picture)
- Now you want to go back where you were before jumping. Unless you have put a bookmark, you cannot do that.

Should be dead easy to implement and desperately needed. The only trick is to decide what actions will make it into the history buffer. Obviously going down a line / a page should not be recorded. I believe that all the "non-linear" jumps should be recorded (find, jump to line, etc)


  • Yves Cheneval

    Yves Cheneval - 2011-05-09

    Edit - BTW the CTRL-J used here is just an example, as in this case for AutoIT, you can press Shift CTRL-J to jump back, but this should be implemented globally I believe

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-05-09

    I think this is really difficult to implement. If you have some ideas you could list them here or discuss them on the mailing list.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-05-09
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