#211 Multiline Tabbar kills SciTE

SciTE (625)

When multiline Tabs are on
and tabbar is visible
and hide one if false (always show the tabs)

then that's the configuration I like

now when you open ONE file with a long name like
and make the whole window smaller than the name in the
tab my SciTE windows version (i did not test it in
my linux...) just dies...

I hope that's enough info to reproduce the bug!


  • Florian Schüller

    My config

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2004-07-08

    Logged In: YES

    Doesn't reproduce for me on Windows 2000 with the exact file
    name given.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2004-07-08
    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nyamatongwe
  • Florian Schüller

    Logged In: YES

    did you try to use my SciTEGlobal.properties
    (the options mentioned in the text are not the only options
    you have to set...)

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2004-07-08

    Logged In: YES

    OK, it looks like the TCM_GETROWCOUNT call crashes when the
    tab is sized too narrow to show its text. You should turn
    off the multiline option. I won't be debugging this further
    but if anyone else wants to work on this and find a
    workaround, please do.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2007-07-26
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2014-05-23
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed
  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2014-05-23

    Tab bar size calculation simplified in release 2.22 and no longer calls TCM_GETROWCOUNT. Closing as doesn't occur on current versions of Windows.


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