#1563 Refreshing current constantly causes high CPU usage when current line is too long

scintilla (262)
Zane U. Ji

When the length of current line is short, there is no problem. However, when there is a long line and word wrap is disabled, CPU usage is high.

Open the attached file and check CPU usage. Then move cursor up line by line. CPU usage will become high when the current line is long enough even if it is idle.

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  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2013-12-11
    • labels: --> scintilla
    • status: open --> open-rejected
    • assigned_to: Neil Hodgson
    • Priority: 5 --> 1
  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2013-12-11

    Outside scope.

    The design centre of Scintilla is user-typed source code. It is not optimized for data files with huge lines. If 10 megabyte lines are commonly used by you then you should choose a different component.

  • Zane U. Ji

    Zane U. Ji - 2013-12-12

    I'm not a fan of big data files. The problem is there always are programers who forget the line break. When the file is opened in a Scintilla based editor like Notepad++, it will freeze.

    The original data file was too small to show the problem in SciTE. So 10MB it is.

    Last edit: Zane U. Ji 2013-12-12
  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2014-01-27
    • status: open-rejected --> closed-rejected

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