#1222 Display calltip above the text

Scintilla (796)

I'm using Scintilla in Anjuta and a calltip is used to display function definitions when you write a call. The calltip is displayed just below the function call which is over the arguments you are typing if they span on multiple lines. I suppose this is more common when using GTK as the function names are often quite long.

I write a patch to display calltip above the text as it is done in Gedit or Qt Creator. It looks quite straight forward.

I have seen that this bug has already been reported some years ago with the number 869274. Is there some drawbacks to have the calltip above? We can put it below and move it when the user press enter but it is more work, I don't know if other IDE do it like this. If you prefer I can try to write a patch adding a new message SCI_CALLTIPSETPOSITION (int above) to keep the current behavior by default and allow to set this at runtime.


  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-17

    More applications display calltips underneath including Visual Studio. Similar common features like tooltips also display underneath. Underneath conforms better to user expectations of event flow with the information following the call. I do not consider this a bug.

    If you want to add a calltip positioning feature then ensure it does not interfere with current positioning behaviour which flips the calltip to above near the bottom of the screen and moves calltips which display (partially) off-screen onto the screen.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nyamatongwe
    • milestone: 100660 --> Feature_Request
  • Sébastien Granjoux

    I'm agree that it is more natural to have the calltip below the text but it is more work because the program needs to move the calltip if the user moves on the line below.

    As it is easy to do, I think it is useful to have the choice. Anyway I don't need it for Anjuta as it includes its own copy of Scintilla with a few patches. Here is a patch adding a message SCI_CALLTIPSETPOSITION to set this option. It takes care of keeping the window in the screen.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-27

    Committed with minor style edits.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-11-01
    • status: open --> closed

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