#1089 All Folding is LOST on Scite 2.23

SciTE (627)

when using CTRL+SHIFT+S , to SAVE AS a different file name,
Scite 2.23 will lose all folding & bookmarks !

In doing so, the SESSION FILE, if automatically saved, will be saved without them as well!

I have tested back to Scite v 2.0 , this bug exists in all of these versions,
not sure when this bug was introduced.

(I am currently sing it for the Autoit language, & some other basic text editing)


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  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-01-17

    Save As may be saving the file to a different extension or to another directory with different settings. As it is difficult to determine whether the new settings are the same or compatible with previous settings the file is completely restyled which resets folding.

    I will not be working on this.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-01-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nyamatongwe
    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    well in my case at least, the file is saved to the same directory though, with the same extension.
    but now that I understand this is by design in recent versions for all scenarios, including the same dir & same extension.

    current situation is a problem.
    If you spend a long time on a project using scite saving sessions,
    getting all files with folds & bookmarks right, you never expect to lose them on SaveAs.

    nyamatongwe, Project Admin wrote:

    "As it is difficult to determine whether
    the new settings are the same or compatible with previous settings the file
    is completely restyled which resets folding.

    I will not be working on this."

    No need for that, all that is needed, is an absolute override config setting,
    NO.RESTYLE.ON.SAVEAS option, it can save the day on all these cases.

    I assure you many will find this option a must.
    Thank you very much, please consider it.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    maybe Another idea is something like,

    Thank you very much..

  • MvGulik

    MvGulik - 2011-02-26

    Having the same, or similar behavior at this end. (also using scite4autoit3)

    Not looked at it before (assumed it to be some local issue) ... But in this case ...
    - Just switching away and back to a document resets the active foldings for that document.
    - - With the first fold, if its at the top of the document, being folded instead of unfolded like the other folds.
    - This only starts when using scite version 2.22. (with 2.21 still behaving as normal.)
    - Same behavior when tested with PY, LUA, CSS, HTML file. (just in case)
    Only tested with scite4autoit3 setup (swapping only the scite.exe file), so this still can be a scite4autoit3-only issue for all I know.

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-02-26

    Switching away and back to a document should not invoke the Save As code which is where a complete restyling is done. Possibly if you have automatic save and a script changing the file name (back to itself) but that is unlikely.

    The switching action does not unfold on my setup, so I expect that there is something else needed to trigger this. There were changes to the way lexers work in 2.20 that could contribute to folding issues.

  • MvGulik

    MvGulik - 2011-05-28

    Pulling my case (other than being something else than OP) as it seems drectly related to using a mix of different versions for Scite.exe and SciLexer.dll. (or: not a legit scite case, and case for creator of modified SciLexer.dll(old) version.)

    ... Just to clear things up. ...

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-05-31

    I would like to join the request (beg actually ..)for Scite not losing all folds on save-as.
    just noticed the "Resolution:Accepted" tag, does that mean this will be/ is already fixed?

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-05-31

    Accepted means that it is accepted that this is a bug. It does not imply that any work has been or will be done on it.

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-05-31

    wow , thanks for the quick reply!
    Scite is wonderful, thank you for the awesome work!

    (btw, I did find a very old version that does not have this problem, but as it has many other bugs,
    like disappearing text under folds etc., I am unable to use it.)

    I am looking forward to this bug fixed, so the bigger projects can be manageable on Scite,
    All the best !!!

  • Patrick McCarthy

    I too am looking for Code Folding to get a wee bit of love...
    For me, the biggest issue is that if you select "print" with folded code, you print the entire doc (including the part you "hid" under the fold)
    I opened a feature req in this, but it too got the "I will not be working on this" notation :(

  • Patrick McCarthy

    FWIW, the comment below is referencing my Feature request:187003

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-09-13

    Dear developer, will this ever be fixed ?
    How can a bug like this be considered low priority from a developer's view?

    For beginners doing 1 page scripts this is bearable, but for advanced programmers with big projects,
    losing all folding on save as is acceptable in your view ?

    I am really trying to understand why a behavior issue & not even a true bug, that should be very easy to change, is still unfixed :(!

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-13

    I have already said I will not be working on this. To me it does not seem at all important. Why are you using Save As so often that it is a problem?

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-09-13

    Well, ieven looking at the comments I see Im not alone.
    Not to mention Scite USED TO DO THIS WITH NO PROBLEM, so its not like Im asking for a new specific use feature, that was never a part of scite.

    I am talking about an OLD, logical, feature of Scite that got removed from it for some unknown reason.

    But here I go as to WHY:

    Like most of us, any given time I have many project files open, at least 10 in my case.
    I keep the bak files so I know these still have bugs etc,
    but when I do reach a point I have made progress/solved a problem/ etc etc,
    I save it to a new file, with a new name hinting me what I did, so I can do a file search for the change instead of going through the code ..

    Does it really sounds like a rare work ethic?
    I cant see the sense of something as powerful as Scite, losing its folds because of a simple save.

    PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back.
    PLEASE ,fix this

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-14

    The 'unknown reason' was stated in my first reply. The change fixed bugs where files were not treated as their new types.

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-09-14

    I see, but, This is hardly the case here, as I am talking about the same type, same file extension all along.
    Id argue that people save php as C is the rare case scenario here ,not people saving the Same code type.

    Please, forgive me for arguing this point, but Scite is my editor of choice,
    so correct me If Im wrong ,
    With all that Scite offers, checking for the same extension cannot be impossible, can it?

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-14

    Your question gives the impression that you have not read earlier entries.

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-09-14

    I did, I just want this fixed, so I can use this great program, PLEASE say yes!

  • Patrick McCarthy

    Allow me to chime in again. I have an entirely different manifestation of the same issue. For me, it’s as follows:
    I am now writing fairly LARGE scripts (2K-5K, some longer) Sometimes, I like to print a copy of something that I am working on, to reference while away from my desk, Or I need to print a block view of a finished script to add to the (annoying) Hard-copy Documentation repository(Stupid Job requirement, but the company I work for has 20K IT employees…)

    What I WANT to do is fold everything to the "Block" level, and print that. Something I CAN do in pretty much every IDE I have worked with. But here, when I have folded my code, and selected Print, I get a printout of the entire, unfolded product.
    My workaround is to fold the code, then take a "scrolling screenshot" with SnagIt. (an absurd hoop to be required to jump thru) I am actually looking to pull code into another IDE for printing.

    Is it SO hard to understand that MAINTAINING folds is important to some of us?
    I have code I do not need to see all the time, I want to hide it. The parts I need to hide are NUMEROUS. Refolding is a pain in the !!!!

    Pain is not a programming goal...

  • Patrick McCarthy

    @byt3... one of your comments was:

    >I am really trying to understand why a behavior issue & not even a true
    >bug, that should be very easy to change, is still unfixed :(!

    Unless you have the source code on your desktop, and are looking at the bug in front of you, NEVER presume how easy or hard a particular fix is.

    I am getting the sense that this issue cropped up as a by product of a major bug fix. As such, fixing this would possibly require revisiting the larger issue.
    The Dev's time may be better spent elsewhere.
    All we can/should do is stand over here, holding a candle, and saying "This is something we would like to see fixed"...
    Telling the dev what he MUST do, or that it is "easy", does not score points....

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-14

    Maintaining folds through Save As is a completely separate problem to printing without folded text. The Save As problem is within the code of SciTE whereas changing printing is in Scintilla and should be addressed in a different tracker issue like feature request 1870031.

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-09-14

    Unbelievable ..
    @ EverSeeker, I didnt mind you pushing your own agenda in spite of the fact it hasn't got the slightest relation to this bug report or Scite for that matter,
    but doing so with flattery at my expense is a move Id rather you avoid.
    My question was & is valid, & definitely not directed at you.

  • Byt3

    Byt3 - 2011-09-16

    As a fan of your work on Scite, I feel quite sad now.
    Actually, I am totally puzzled by everything you said & what made you say it.

    "I will not be WORKING on this".
    "Maintaining folds through Save As is a completely separate PROBLEM".
    "Your question gives the impression that you have not read earlier entries."

    As you are the project admin & developer, you have repeatedly hinted at & led me to believe this will is a bug, I can see it is accepted, & therefore will require some work to get it resolved.

    Then, Mr. EverSeeker decided to hit me with his comments & said something that got me thinking ..
    "Unless you have the source code on your desktop, and are looking at the
    bug in front of you, NEVER presume how easy or hard a particular fix is."

    Well it got me thinking what if its no bug at all .... man ........
    But obviously,theres no way you didnt know this is no bug all this time.
    I cant figure out why you would not mention it, or why this was ever accepted as a BUG.
    I mean you did answer, with anything but any helpful info, where you could have just made a single comment about it.
    I have no idea why you opted to do that, but sure would love to hear why.
    Thanks a LOT for Scite, but this is ..

  • Neil Hodgson

    Neil Hodgson - 2011-09-16

    The situation is quite simple. This is a bug but it is an unimportant bug and would require considerable work to fix, so I am refusing to fix it.

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