highwindmx wind - 2009-06-04



I'm a chiness(simple) user and my OS is ubuntu9.04

i have four questions:
1.its works well when pidgin login,but when pigdin logoff because unsteable network,both programs pidgin and scim crash , and i met this situation 3 times and i search but didn't found any bug report about this.

2.is there a "custom dictionary" for user to edit? and if is, can it be edit by so as "gedit"

3.because i use chinese as default input method ,in my language, "." is inputed as  "。"  but i still want input "." following numbers automatically  like "1." not "1。"

4.in chinese characters, many  characters can be separated into several parts . i wonder if added with this kind of function to input primarily with pinying and then use "tab + two or three letter " to find the character i want more quickly
sorry for my poor english,and details are in  following website: