#224 ltdl


Why do we ship a copy of ltdl in the source instead of requiring it to be installed on the compile host at build time?


  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-08-17

    ltdl has broken the build at times in the past, too. There are a number of good reasons not to ship source code if we can simply rely on it being present on the build host.

  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-09-12
    • labels: 671503 --> Build config
    • assigned_to: suzhe --> stroethoff
  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-09-12

    targetting resolution for next release

  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-09-12
    • milestone: --> 1.4.12
  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-09-28

    similar reasoning might apply to the m4 and intl directory -> needs verification

  • Tz-Huan Huang

    Tz-Huan Huang - 2012-04-02

    As the commit of r346, now scim won't ship with intl/ and m4/. scim will still bundle the ltdl/ (it is generated by bootstrap script automatically so it is not committed to the subversion repository) but the configure script will try to find the system first. If not found, configure script will notice the user and ask user to turn on the --with-included-ltdl option to use the bundled ltdl.

  • Ronald Stroethoff

    Fixed in revision 346

  • Ronald Stroethoff

    • assigned_to: stroethoff --> tzhuan
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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