#14 Problems on Fedora 5 x86_64



I am really new to this since I want to switch from
Windows to Linux. I have been using Origin for about
five years and I was happy to see that there was an
Origin clone for Linux. I downloaded the source
tarballs and installed it. I had some problems (the
same version of scigraphica could not find the
libscigraphic libraries because they were named wrong,
but the latest lib fixed it) but finally I could
compile it. Now I have two serious problems:

1. When I open a worksheet and try to resize it
SciGraphica dies immediately. This happens all the
time. I could live with it just not resizing it, but
the second problem prohibits to do anything at all.

2. I do not have a menubar or any of the icons (Open,
2D plot, etc.) I have absolutely nothing; therefore,
SciGraphica is absolutely useless for me. I am sure
there must be a solution, but I do not have the time
and expertise to go into the source code and find out
what is wrong.

Here is my system:

Dell Precision Workstation 670 with two 3.6 GHz Xeon CPUs
4 Gbyte memory
RedHat Fedora 5 x86_64 with the latest updates
All the requested gtk+, gtkextra, and python modules
installed, configure does not report errors. The
libscigraphica is a version higher (2.1.1) than the
latest scigraphica due to the problem mentioned above.

I really would like to use it and get away from
Windows. I am willing to test new versions (time
permitting). Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Gyorgy Vizkelethy
Work: gvizkel@sandia.gov
Home: gvizkelethy@hotmail.com or gvizkelethy@comcast.net


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