Craig McCluskey - 2003-02-05

I downloaded the RPM files for SciGraphica for Red Hat 7.2 and the extra dependencies from and have been trying to use SciGraphica. I have had some problems with the tutorial (

Everything works as the tutorial describes until I get to the "Layer Control" dialog. There, I see three parts instead of two parts. I presume this is not important now and press on. I can activate the "Add dataset" dialog (which is actually "New dataset" dialog, a difference that also seems unimportant now). I then go and set the plot type and select Column A for X and Column B for Y and click on "OK". I then click on "Apply" in the "Layer Control" dialog as the tutorial says.

At this point, I go back to the plot window and click on the autoscale button as the tutorial says. Nothing happens. I click on the "Zoom out from data" four times and still see nothing.

What's going wrong?