Menus do not display on Fedora Core 4

  • Michael Torrie

    Michael Torrie - 2005-07-01

    I have read all the messages about using SG_PLUGIN_PATH (with the colon even) but that does not work.  Scigraphica is installed to /usr from tarballs using the latest gtkextra package (built as an rpm) and numarry instead of python-numeric.  The same set of installs on a Fedora Core 3 box work great.  On Fedora Core 4, there are no menus or toolbars.  Since all the install sources are the same, this leads me to believe there is an incompatibility between GTK+2  and scigraphica.  On the working FC3 box, I have glib2 2.4.8 and gtk+2 2.4.14.  On the nonworking FC4 box I have glib 2.6.4 and gtk2 is 2.6.7.

    • Manuel Oetiker

      Manuel Oetiker - 2005-09-14

      I did recompile everything on linux (debian) I have the same problem. Menus is not displayed


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