scientist needs help

  • Jerry Prawihajro

    Hi, I'm a scientist new to linux system.
    I'm using a linux on other machine for writing programs, and I've been trying to install scigraphica by writing './configure'
    Unfortunately, it gave the message:
    "Termcap not found"
    What should I do???

    I'm only a user on the machine, and the administrator is currently on vacation.
    It might be a simple problem, but I'm really desperate to seek for a help.

    Windows might be an easier option, but I don't like Microsoft. Viva GNU!!

    Thank you in advance

    • Jerry Prawihajro

      I forgot to mention that I really don't know what variant of Linux that I'm using.

    • Jerry Prawihajro

      the solution I found in this forum can't help me:
      error message: Permission denied


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