Many of us have encountered the "segmentation fault" , sometimes coupled with the "couldn't import module numarray" bug.  Last september, Adrian (one of Scigraphica's fathers) said in the scigraphica-devel forum that it was due to Numarray itself, and suggested that we compile our own numarray from cvs.

I was not that maverick, so I got the phyton-numarray rpm (v 1.4.1) and installed it.  Right after that, the "couldn't import module numarray warning" disappeared ... and I was finally able to open old Sci. files!  Not everything's turning our roses (it takes a bit to open the files, and my taskbar disappears for a while), but it is a step in the right direction.

My opinion is, Scigraphica resented from having the numerical phyton files changed from Numeric to numarray.  Or maybe there was a bug in numarray now corrected, I don't know.

For the record, one of the things I tried was to include the Numarray directory in the Edit/Python Modules, to no avail (as a matter of fact, if I try it now I get a Segmentation fault!!)

FWIW, I am using the Scigraphica 2.1 rpm compiled for Mandrake (or Mandriva, or whatever), and works on my Suse 10.0 pro version.

Please give it a try, and tell us all how it fares on other distros.

Kind regards.  Arturo Quirantes