Seg fault on startup ... help please

  • tjuii

    tjuii - 2004-03-03

    I just installed the latest version of Scigraphica (with GTK+extra and Numerical Python).  Upon starting scigraphica I got a
    splash screen and then the following error box popped up.

    Segmentation fault

    Project sucessfully saved to

    Scigraphica then failed to open.  This was also accompanied by the following error at the command line:

    $ scigraphica

    GnomeUI-WARNING **: Could not open help topics file NULL
    Segmentation fault


    Upon trying to run scigraphica again ... and again, I get the same messages, but the scigraphica window opens and shows an
    icon in the Worksheets tab labeled Data01 before the error occurs.

    I noticed other people have reported having this problem on the "bugs" page, but I haven't seen anyone post a solution.  If anyone knows how to fix this and get scigraphica to run, please let me know.  Thanks

    I am running Fedora Core 1 Linux on a P4 3.2GHz 800 MHz FSB with 2GB RAM.  I am using KDE for my front-end.

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-21

      I am having exactly the same problem.
      Using RedHat 9.0.


    • guenter

      guenter - 2005-02-26

      same problem here! (mandrake 10.1 official).
      anybody found a solution yet?
      greetings, g

    • Leodp

      Leodp - 2005-03-11

      Have you tried with something like:

      export PYTHONHOME=/usr/lib/python2.3/

      before running scigraphica (look change the name if you have python2.2 or something else)
      It was mentioned here:
      I had the same probl. on mdk 9.2, and now seems to be ok.

    • Leodp

      Leodp - 2005-03-11

      No, it doesn't really solve, it just postpones the crash.


    • Svenn Are Bjerkem

      I don't know what is meant with "latest" version, but I had the problem that sg-2.1.0 segfaulted if there was an existing .scigraphica config direcory with contents from sg-0.8.0. After deleting the $HOME/.scigraphica directory the program starts, alas without menus, but that is another topic.


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