Praedor Tempus - 2001-07-21

I would like to suggest a feature addition related to my previous data analysis post. I have been using gtkgraph lately and I must say I REALLY like the auto-regression analysis it will do.  As soon as my scatterplot is made, gtkgraph does the regression analysis I need (it is selectable - none, linear, logarithmic, etc).  What gtkgraph APPEARS to lack, but which is critical, is a display of the regression formula after the fact.
  How about adding this to a data analysis ability - auto regress (type selectable) plus display, in the output graph if desired, of the regression formula?  Cricketgraph (and kalaidagraph?) do this by default and it is heavily used in the lab I work in.  The ONLY other apps that come close to Cricketgraph in functionality that I have found so far for linux (non-commercial, at least) are mgraph and grace, both HORRIBLE Motif-based apps.