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  • Alain LIETARD

    Alain LIETARD - 2013-03-14

    I can open the windows "opening report" without problem but when I click the "view html" button, I see a dos window and that's all.
    The html document is in the log directory but bitmaps are not included.
    Is it a bug ?
    I'm using windows 7 (64 bits)
    Thank you

  • bstp

    bstp - 2013-03-19

    Hello Alain,

    Nice catch!  I can reproduce this behavior and will transmit this problem to whom this may concern.

    Meanwhile, you could be able to see the HTML file if you copy it in the root directory of your Scid installation.

    Alternatively, you could create an "opening report site" by copying either /bitmaps or /bitmaps2 (as long as you rename /bitmaps2 to /bitmaps) and its content wherever you wish, as long as you save the Opening report in the root directory of that site.

    In case you do need a speedier help for this or anything else, you might try the mailing list.  I was only passing by and don't monitor this list.

    Thank you for your feedback,


  • Steven

    Steven - 2013-03-20

    Thanks for the diagnosis Ben. (There is some issue with mailing list i cant quite resolve - so i post here.)
    I'll look at this when i get the chance.


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