#61 Capability to skip symbols in 2D plot

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Ali Samii

SciDavis is a great graphing and data analysis program; my hats off to you, for such a great software. One feature that I think, is better to be included in SciDavis is giving the user, the possibility to eliminate some of symbol points in a 2D graph (Line + Symbol). For instance, assume that we have a set of 10000 data pairs (X and Y) and we want to plot them using Line+Symbol. If the graph wants to show all of data points as symbols, all of the graph is going to be filled with symbols. But, I think it would be great if the user can choose the number (or frequency) of Symbols to be shown. For example from 10000 data points, only show 50 points as symbols in a plot. Other points are connected together with lines.

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  • Mércurie Janeai

    Is there any chance of this feature be implmented in the future releases?

    • High Performance Coder

      It's a reasonable feature request. But someone will need to offer to
      implement it, as its not on my radar - currently my focus is on fixing
      serious bugs, and getting the build working correctly, and longer term
      using the latest versions of dependent software.


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