SciDAVis 0.1.4 released

This release contains a lot of bug fixes; most importantly, it fixes some problems that could lead to incorrect results of some analysis operations in previous versions. While version 0.2.0 (with new features, like multi-level undo/redo and improved user interface for tables and matrices) is also planned to be released shortly, 0.1.4 is for all those who need the bug fixes as soon as possible; as well as a fallback in case some users have problems with the new features.

Overview of changes since 0.1.3:

- Weighted linear and polynomial fits required actual weights
(1/sigma^2) to be specified in place of standard errors, while all others
(as well as error bar plots) needed the standard errors themselves.
Solution: Switched everything to using standard errors, eliminating the term
"weighting" from the GUI and most of the source code.
Rationale: Avoid confusion for users, especially given the previous
inconsistent treatment of the matter. Avoid confusion for
devs. Arbitrary weights don't work naturally with non-linear fits;
and they almost certainly lead to nonsensical error estimates of
results (unless you _really_ know what you're doing, in which case
you can simply specify 1/sqrt(weight) as standard error).

- Fixed estimation of parameter errors in case of non-linear fitting with
unknown Y errors.

- Fixed computation of R^2 in case of known Y errors.

- Fixed handling of parameters in fit curve formulas as well as constant
fit parameters; both of which used naive string-substitution; i.e. if
you used parameter names which appeared elsewhere as substrings of other
parameter names or functions, you'd get weird errors. Unfortunately, the fix
makes non-linear fitting with user-supplied formulas a bit slower; hopefully,
we'll come up with a Really Good Solution(tm) for one of the next major

- Fixed problem with FFT filters which could lead to incorrect results:
Cutoffs could fall between real and imaginary part of a Fourier component,
producing a reduced amplitude and bogus phase at this point.

- Fixed crash when creating bargraph with errorbars.

- New Russian translation by f0ma.

- Ported the hack that prevents axes gaps in graph vector exports
(eps, pdf, svg) from QtiPlot.

- Numerous small tweaks and bug fixes.

Posted by Knut Franke 2009-02-10

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