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Scidlet (WikiPage)
Scidlet is a chess engine developed by Scid's original author, [ShaneHudson] (Copyright (c) 2002-2003). Scidlet is used by SCID for the Show Suggested Move facility: // The Engine class provides a simple chess position evaluator // based on negamax with quiescent search and alpha/beta pruning. // It is used in Scid for doing small quick searches to determine // which of the possible legal moves to or from a particular square // to suggest as the best move for faster mouse input. Scidlet is modestly strong, yet it is forever in the a Champions Galery of the WBEC Ridderkerk website. Scidlet can be useful if you get tired of getting crushed by the contemporary silicon monsters around.
Last updated: 2014-10-12

GetScid (WikiPage)
get the [ScidToolkit]. Please visit the Project repository for all the other available assets
Last updated: 2015-01-06

GetHelp (WikiPage)
How can I learn about SCID? There are many Scid tutorials on Youtube. The most direct way may be to inspect SCID's [Menus]. For those who prefer to read, there are: A tutorial, introducing to the most functionalities of SCID. Help files, an HTML rendering of the help files. The tutorial is old and incomplete, but will soon be simplified. The Help files will be added and updated in this wiki. How can I get help? To repeat, the most expedient way might be to look at SCID's [Menus]. But if that fails, you're stuck, and this sucks. In that case, please [ContactUs].
Last updated: 2014-10-12

GetLatestCode (WikiPage)
You need the latest code to help develop Scid's codebase. Patches must be written and tested using the latest code. Which Control Version System Do You Use? Scid Projects's preferred CVS is Git. Why Git? If you have 70 minutes, listen to Linus. If you have 15 minutes, learn Git instead. How Do I Install Git? For instructions how to install and run Git, see [GitForScid]. NB. Could be included here if it's short enough. What Command Should I Use? git clone git:// scid-code You can replace scid-code with any other legal folder name. (As written on the Master Tree page.) What If I don't Want to Use Git? Then learn [HowToSendPatches]. You'll have to grab a snapshot of the master branch on the Master Tree page. Click the Download Snapshot button (top right) for a tarball of the latest code. Just beside the download snapshot button, you can see the commits history. Then What? From there, refer to [CompileScid] for more detailed instructions.
Last updated: 2015-02-05

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