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You can try to tweet your question to @SCIDchess.

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  • David Lewis

    David Lewis - 2017-02-10

    Hello, I installed scid on Ubuntu 16.04 through the repo (sudo apt-get install scid). I want to use opening books, when I go to Windows->Book Window I get: "No books found. Check books directory". Where is the books directory? I downloaded books online but have no clue where to put them, any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis - 2017-02-10

    Nevermind, I found them: /usr/share/scid/books

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis - 2017-02-10

    One more question, I want to see openinv move names, so I right click->show game info, and it shows the screen that used to show me the opening move names. Now it shows me the move, such as c4, but where it should say English for example it just says ???.

    I am guessing I am missing some data file. Where do I get that data file to load into scid? Thanks.


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