Hi Fulvio,

Correct TCL detection seems to be a little difficult and will need more than a quick fix.
I'll come back these days with an update after testing also Ubuntu/Debian/ActiveTCL.

I'll have to check also why I introduced the requirements for tk-devel. I did not have it in the first round.

If anyone has the time and wants to try his hand at a fix, the file to look at is m4/ax_prog_tcl.m4; it's just a shell script.


Cristian S.

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 11:25 AM, Fulvio <fbf@libero.it> wrote:
Cristian Stoica wrote:
Hi Fulvio and all,

I've been working lately on a set of patches for autoconf and I'm glad to say that they are >90% done. I've tested them on Linux (gcc), Freebsd (clang) and Windows XP(mingw) and I've got successful builds there. The install target is not finished but build should work at least for "scid".

Hi Cristian,
thanks for your help.

I did just a quick test (I do not have much time in this period):
Debian tcl8.6-dev  tk8.6
It fails with:
configure: error: can not find tk library

Please keep in mind that scid requires tcl / tk 8.5 (8.4 do not works) and tcl-dev (tcl.h header and -ltcl library) but not the developer version of tk.