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schur 6.10

Correction of an output bug, reactivate command SB_LISToutput

Posted by fb95 2014-05-17

schur 6.09

Some little corrections + a precompiled version for Mac Os X 10.5+

Posted by fb95 2013-10-27

schur 6.08

some memory leaks corrections
some bugs (unitialized array) correction
make check correction
new option -f filename to use filename as as script

Posted by fb95 2013-01-13

schur 6.07

rule command correction +some little corrections
runs on 64 bits systems since version 6.06a

Posted by fb95 2012-03-31

release 6.05

Correction of some bugs (long lines, multiple user-defined functions).

Posted by fb95 2008-06-24

release 6.04

Correct some crash failures. Add commands APROPOS,
RIB_TO_S and User-defined functions (macros) are now useable in all modes. PDF manual now includes hyperefs. Nicer Inputs/Outputs.

Posted by fb95 2007-04-09

Solaris packages

Solaris packages for x86 and SPARC are now available, see

Posted by fb95 2006-10-24

new: debian package+completion

Now a debian package for schur and moreover
command completion with the tab key

Posted by fb95 2006-09-21