Has anyone here worked on making schroedinger easy to compile on MinGW?

I have spent the last 3 hours getting it to compile and it still not working. These are the issues so far:
orc git's testsuite\orcc\orc_test.c was causing GCC to go into some sort of infinite loop during compiling (had to Ctrl-C it and do make install without it)
pkg-config does not work well in MinGW (I wasn't able to get it to work so I hacked configure.ac to force orc to be detected)
orc installed its header files to /local/header/orc-0.4 (I had to use CPPFLAGS=-I/local/header/orc-0.4)
by default it as configuring to use schroasync-win32.c instead of schroasync-pthread.c (I decided to use schroasync-none.c)
the linker does not seem to find any of the orc_ functions

This also makes me wonder if MinGW is supposed to be supported or if there is a different supported way to build schroedinger under Windows? (I note schroasync-win32.c uses Visual C++ functions)

Leith Bade