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There is stuff in the CVS

That's right folks ...
Namely a bunch of interfaces for fields have been setup:


and for the renderers:

as well as:

An interface:

has also been setup. Any field should probably implement Field as well as one or more of the Renderables. Note that each Field class will probably have it's own renderer, so something like LongTextField will have a LongTextXmlRenderer which implements XmlRenderable, and it'll use that as its renderer...

Posted by Dan Cook 2003-02-23

UML release removed

I got rid of the UML models, because they were misleading as they weren't properly updated ... I will try to update them soon to match what is actually happening (see the CVS for that...)

Posted by Dan Cook 2003-02-23

Our first file release!

We haven't written any code yet, but for some reason I've decided to release the UML models I just made between 1 and 3am this morning. They're not very accurate, but they're the first actual _file_ relating to this project. So this is a momentous occasion in schoolWare history. Huzzah.

Posted by Dan Cook 2003-02-01

Java is the language, EJB's are the tool

Check out the mailing list archives for more info. Basically, what we're now doing is something completely different than what was up there (a badly concocted design, late at night).

We're doing it the right way, using entity beans for data, session beans for logic, jsp/servlet for view only, the way it should be.

The app design page on the site will soon be replaced by something far more coherent and correct, once the debate on the mailing list has continued for a while.

Posted by Dan Cook 2003-01-29

schoolWare gets some developers

Thanks to all the developers who replied to my Code Monkeys and DB Designer requests. You are all welcome to join this project, and I hope more of you will join in the future.

Please check out the site homepage, it's beginning to grow and get a little bit of info. I've also put in my request for a mailing list, so once is setup, join that.


Posted by Dan Cook 2003-01-28

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