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 feature 2009-11-10 Dominique Boucher Dominique Boucher [2b2211] Enhancements to the interface to interpreters.
 plugin 2010-05-09 Dominique Boucher Dominique Boucher [dcb9b9] Added a warning message to the redefined (exit)...
 update-site 2010-05-09 Dominique Boucher Dominique Boucher [4c8cc5] jar files are now ignored by git, as well as so... 2010-03-11 Dominique Boucher Dominique Boucher [d599b5] Fixed the README text about the update site.

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SchemeScript is a Scheme/Lisp editor plug-in for Eclipse. It is part of the SchemeWay project.

The goal of this plug-in is to provide a robust Scheme/Lisp editor to the professional Scheme/Lisp developers who also happen to use Eclipse for Java programming. Also, the plug-in can be subclassed and extended to provide custom editors for Scheme/Lisp-based languages.

SchemeScript embeds the Kawa and SISC interpreters, and can be readily used to connect to the SISC REPL of SISCweb-based web applications.

The latest stable release is 1.2.15. The latest development release is 1.3.0 alpha 9. Both versions can only be donwloaded from the Sourceforge download page.