Installation and configuring SchemeScript

  • calojn

    calojn - 2007-06-12


    I have a problem in connecting the intrepreter to the editor... or it seems like thats the problem...

    I'm running a clean installation of eclipse 3.2, with the SchemeScript Plug-in 1.2.15.
    The perspective works, I can (apperantly) start the interpreter (Embedded Kawa) enter and evaluate any scheme expression in the console, BUT not evaluate anything entered in the editor... The message is: "Unbound symbol <name>. Debug?".
    What am I missing...?

    If I try using the external intrepreter Kawa, I get the following error:

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: kawa/repl
    Exception in thread "main"

    ...And Kawa is installed on my system, with classpath variables etc, I'm using jre 1.6.0, and everything else in eclipse works fine.
    This installation have been done according to the description in the SchemeScript User Guide.

    Plz help...:-)

    Best regards /Torben

    • Dominique Boucher


      How do you evaluate expressions entered in the editor? There are mainly two ways:
      1. put your cursor at the end of an expression and press Ctrl-Enter, or
      2. put your cursor anywhere inside a top-level expression and press Ctrl-Shift-Enter to send the whole top-level expression to the interpreter.

      Usually, I load the whole content of the editor the first time by pressing Ctrl-Shift-L (load).

      Regarding the external interpreter, I think you are having a classpath problem. I'm not sure that the classpath defined in your host environment is used. So the best thing to do is wrap the invocation of Kawa in a shell script that will be started by SchemeScript (that's what I do, basically).



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