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zip file broken?

  • Felix Holmgren

    Felix Holmgren - 2006-11-01

    I tried first to download the update zip to install it manually, but the zip was apparently broken--I couldn't extract it with WinRAR.

    Then I tried to install SchemeScript from within Eclipse, connecting to the update site like a good citizen. Eclipse also complained that the archive could not be opened, and therefore refused to install the plug-in.

    The only reasonable conclusion seems to be that the zip-archive is broken, but no-one else seems to have had any problems. What am I doing wrong?!


    • Dominique Boucher

      Hi Felix!

      Which version of Eclipse do you use? I have just installed SchemeScript on a fresh Eclipse 3.2 install on Windows XP and everything works fine.

      I suggest downloading the archive manually and extract the content using 'jar xf' on the command-line. Does that work?



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