installation problem

  • Hans-Martin Adorf

    The installation of the Schemeway plugin failed in Eclipse 3.5 Galileo with the message that ‘bundle org.eclipse.pde.ui 0.0.0′ was required but could be not found.

  • Dominique Boucher


    which version of SchemeScript did you try to download? I'm quite surprised, because SchemeScript has never depended on org.eclipse.pde.ui.

    I am aware that there were a number of problems with the mirror sites lately for Eclipse 3.5.1.

  • Hans-Martin Adorf

    I used the built-in plugin update mechanism. The installation problem went away when I downloaded the classic 3.5.1 version of Eclipse instead of the much smaller Java developer version.

  • Dominique Boucher


    I was completely mistaken. SchemeScript 1.2.15 does depend on org.eclipse.pde. I don't remember why and the code  does not rely on org.eclipse.pde, so this was probably the result of a test I did and forgot to remove the dependency. Sorry about that.

    The solution to this problem is, as you did, download and Eclipse version that provides the pde (Plugin Development Environment).


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