External Interpreter does not return values

Asa Zernik
  • Asa Zernik

    Asa Zernik - 2008-02-08


    I've been using SchemeScript for a while, and I just switched my external interpreter from Guile to UCB Scheme (an STk variant).

    Problem is, when this interpreter returns values, they are not displayed in the Eclipse console window, only error messages are shown, e.g. when I type in (+ 1 1) I just get a newline, while if I type + 1 1) the interpreter behaves normally and gives an error. The interpreter seems to work normally from the command line. The only difference I can see in the output between Guile and UCB Scheme is that the UCB interpreter prints out a 4-line welcome message on startup.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?


    • Dominique Boucher

      Hi Asam

      I think the UCB interpreter does not properly flushes its output port. I suggest to add the '-interactive' command-line option:

      /usr/local/bin/stk -interactive

      I tried it and that worked for me. Let me know if that works for you too.

    • Dominique Boucher

      Sorry Asa for mispelling your name.

    • Asa Zernik

      Asa Zernik - 2008-02-08

      Thanks a lot - worked like a charm!


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