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WordUp! 0.1 Released

WordUp!, the scheme based weblog engine, has released version 0.1 in the Files section.

Posted by Gordon Weakliem 2004-05-04

New SchemeDoc Release

Version 0.2 of SchemeDoc has been released! Though still a way from 1.0 quality this release will actually generated HTML documentation from appropriately annotated code - quite an improvement.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2003-03-12

New Release of SchemeUnit

SchemeUnit 1.3 Release

SchemeUnit is a unit testing framework for the PLT
dialect of Scheme, based on the XP tradition.
This new release of SchemeUnit brings it into line
with the functionality documented in the Scheme
Workshop paper "SchemeUnit and SchemeQL: Two
Little Languages". Major new features include:

- improved assertions capture source location and
allow optional messages

- define-assertion macro allows user defined
assertions. If you create some useful assertions
please email them to us. We'd like to collect
libraries of user defined assertions.... read more

Posted by Noel Welsh 2003-02-13

New Release of SRFI Package

The SRFI package has been updated to version 1.2. This new version fixes installation problems and adds an implemenation of SRFI-26.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2002-06-22

Scheme Cookbook and Schematics Guide Online

Two new documents, a PLT Scheme cookbook and a guide for new developers using Schematics, have been released on the Schematics website. They can be reached via

It is hoped that others will contribute to the documents and help them grow.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2002-06-22

Major update to web site and new releases

We've redone the web pages,released a new version of SchemeUnit, and made the first release of our SRFI ports (1, 9, 13 & 14 - get 'em while they're hot!) Note that schemeunit-doc has been merged into the schemeunit release.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2002-04-26

New member

Ian Glover has joined the project. He'll most likely be putting his skills to work hacking on schemathics.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2002-01-31

SchemeQL releases files

SchemeQL has a release available for download. The web site also a great new logo thanks to Francisco!

Posted by Noel Welsh 2002-01-12

schemeunit hits v1.0!

schemeunit, the unit testing framework in Scheme, has hit version 1.0! This version only works in the currently-in-development v200 of PLT Scheme. The code is available as a .plt and documentation is also available as an installable package. The interface has changed slightly from the previous versions - read the documentation to see where it has changed.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2002-01-04

New Relase of MoshiMoshi Wiki

There is a new release of MoshiMoshi available. This release implements all the core Wiki functionality. Further features will be implemented as the need arises so please let me know what features you'd like!

Posted by Noel Welsh 2001-10-16

ICFP Writeup / New Website Layout has been revamped and actually has some content now! I entered the ICFP contest with 3 other Schemers and our writeup is online. The code is in CVS if you're interested.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2001-08-30

MoshiMoshi working with PLT Webserver

The MoshiMoshi wiki can now display HTML content in the PLT web server. Download from CVS to give it a whirl!

Posted by Noel Welsh 2001-06-16

Schemathics and scmunit in CVS

New to CVS are scmunit, the Scheme testing framework, and Schemathics, numerical algorithms in Scheme.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2001-06-04

Development starts on MoshiMoshi wiki!

I've started work on a new package called MoshiMoshi, which I believe will be the first Wiki implemented in Scheme. (See for the straight dope on Wikis.) MoshiMoshi will first run under the PLT webserver, and may later run under CGI so I can run it here at Sourceforge. When complete MoshiMoshi will be reused as the formatting back-end for Schemedoc.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2001-04-08

New release of unit testing framework

scmunit is the new name for the unit testing framework. The current release is v0.9. It works, incorporates a text UI, and has an example in V1.0 release will occur when documentation and tests of the framework are written.

Posted by Noel Welsh 2001-03-06