#77 Cross-schema relationship diagram

Cliff Evans

It would be great to add a 'Relationships' tab to the 'Schemas' page when specifying multiple schemas to be queried. The content would be a unified relationship diagram of all tables in all schemas that had a relationship to any other table no matter what schema it was in, a kind of big picture view of the world. Being flash, you might try to create blocks of tables from each schema, or colour code the tables based on schema - though I don't think this is that important since you have the per schema view available in the schema specific diagram.

Love the program.


  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2011-06-28

    For many databases it's difficult to present the big picture of a single schema without generating a massive un-navigable diagram. Combining even two schemas could easily overwhelm the capabilities of the underlying graphics generation tools as well as a browser's ability to render the image.

    Note that it's all done with traditional JavaScript and DOM manipulation. It's all client-side and no Flash.

  • Cliff Evans

    Cliff Evans - 2011-06-29

    This is true, but not always. I'm working for an orginisation that partitions based on data retention period so the schemas end up being quite small in terms of number of tables, there can just be many of them.

    An option to draw the whole cross-schema thing, which defaults to false and which comes with a big flashing red warning that it might not be wise to use this option for large databases, might be a way of getting the best of both worlds.


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