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#69 add parameter for columns page format


Although release 5.0.0 improved the columns page, it can still be almost impossible to use the columns page for large databases (over 20,000 columns).

Could a new command line parameter be added that causes the columns page to just list links to other pages that have the columns organized in various ways.... one way to organize the pages is alphabetically.... A to Z... so the main columns page just list links to A, B, C... Z, and the page for A lists all the columns that start with A... etc. Some databases might allow column names that start with numbers or special characters... so you might need A-Z and 'Others'. So maybe a new -columns parameter, with options like 'DEFAULT' for the current method, or 'ALPHA1' for 24 separate pages alphabetically (each page has 1 letter of the alphabet, or 'ALPHA4' so that each page has 4 letters of the alphabet (page 1 would be A, B, C, D, page 2 would be E, F, G, H, etc.)

Here's an example - an oracle documentation web page:

Another possible option for the -column parameter might be something like 'PAGES=10' - so that the total number of columns is divided by the specified number of pages, where the columns page lists links to each of the 10 pages, and lists the first and last colun name that are on each page.... the first page lists the first 1/10 of the total columns, and then has a link for the next page that has the next 1/10 of the total columns.....where the user can change 10 to any number - so they can easily control how many separate pages are created. Each page should have a link to the next and previous page, and say that it is page x of y pages... and a link to the first and last page...


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