#68 add documentation of stored procedures and functions


It would be great if the tool could also add html pages describing stored procedures and views, perhaps extracting some kind of standardised information from formatted comments. (I don't have a any particular format in mind but something similar to how javadoc grabs information from functions in code).


  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-08-23
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  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-08-23

    SchemaSpy already supports extracting view comments via selectViewsSql, selectTableCommentsSql, selectViewCommentsSql, selectColumnCommentsSql or selectViewColumnCommentsSql. If any of these return comments about the view / view columns they'll be presented in the view details.

    Stored procedure support would require custom SQL for each type of database. That shouldn't be that difficult, but formatting it would be a project of its own.

    Adding html pages as you've suggested would require development of some way to associate an additional page with any schema, table or view. I assume it'd be a relatively simple XML file with either links or embedded content, but dealing with multiple schemas might get hairy.


  • Tim

    Tim - 2010-11-26

    fyi I've started work on a fork of schemaSpy to suit my own needs. you are welcome to pull in anything you like from it into your project


    I gave it a different repo name to avoid confusion.

  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-11-29

    Have you written an SQL formatter to render the SQL/code in html? The concept shouldn't be that difficult to implement other than the required formatting.

  • Tim

    Tim - 2010-11-29

    not yet but it's on my todo list :-)
    my primary aim is to be able to apply db changes from what's stored on the file system. schemaspy has given me an excellent starting point for doing this.


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