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Aaron Webb

Hi John,

What a wonderful tool you've created here. I looked over a lot of paid and free tools before finding SchemaSpy, and it easily blows the socks off of all of them.

Anyhoo, this isn't a forum for comments - sorry about that. I'm creating a "data dictionary" (that term seems to vary in meaning - in this case, we can assume I mean "a SchemaSpy representation of my database with all the 'Comments' fields filled in") for a database with just enough tables to make it work trying to make the commenting process a bit smoother (75 tables, 45 views).

My idea is to make the 'Comments' fields in the table and field lists editable, such that you can click a (HTML) table cell to add/edit an XML file for the given schema. It seems to me like this would entail the following steps:

- edit the java code that creates the desired <td></td> section: likely insert some kind of link to 'add/edit comment'
- write the javascript to show/hide the text input for the comment, and save the comment to the XML file (should be easy with jquery and a simple back-end script)
- either send a command to the back-end to re-generate the whole schema, or just have the above step also write the comment to the currently-generated HTML file

I just realized while writing this, of course, that this involves adding server side processing to your system, which is beyond a trivial change to your installation/usage methods. So, while it may not make it into the main stream of your project, I might still give this a shot myself and see how it goes. While I am a software developer (python, C, perl, php are my current strengths/favourites), I've not much experience with java, so I may not get anywhere in the time I've got to work on it, and I may end up getting something working.

Any comments or suggestions would be great!



  • Aaron Webb

    Aaron Webb - 2010-03-25
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  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-03-25

    Your analysis is correct: something like this would require server-side processing. Not requiring anything of the "server" other than being able to serve up html is one of the fundamental things about SchemaSpy that makes it usable on just about any operating system / web server / browser available.

    In summary: SchemaSpy generates a static view of your database's metadata. Any updates to that metadata are typically accomplished by modifying the database's metadata directly. Attempting to have SchemaSpy do that for you would be a drastic change in how it works as well as significantly increasing its complexity.


  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-03-25
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