#62 Need an object repr of the base schema instead of gui



Your soft looks like a good piece of code .
Unfortunately, I don't need a gui output, but I need to retrieve an object representation of the database schema in order to do, for example, dynamic formulary generation according to the schema.

Today, the analyze() method only returns an int.
Is it possible to have a modified analyze() that returns such an object representation (table desc, column desc, keys, table relationships, etc.) ?

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
Dominique De Vito


  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-02-10

    SchemaAnalyzer.analyze() now returns an instance of Database that, in theory, contains all of the metadata about a specific schema.

    Note, however, that additional work needs to be done to really support this concept because part of the analysis of a schema involves determining insertion/deletion order of tables. The algorithm used consumes the data model as it goes, resulting in a relatively empty model upon completion.

  • ddv

    ddv - 2010-02-10

    Thanks for your quick modification.

    Yes, indeed, I need to determine insertion/deletion order of tables.

    While MDA is associated with code generation, this generation is static, so I am happy to have found your project to analyze dynamically a database in order to propose dynamically forms (mapped on the database).

  • ddv

    ddv - 2010-02-14


    I have gone further with SchemaSpy.

    While SchemaSpy looks like running ok so far, I have got the following error:

    Failed to query Graphviz version information
    with: dot -V
    java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "dot": CreateProcess error=2, the given file is not found
    Using database properties:

    Well, I have used the option "-nohtml" for not having the display generation.

    But, IMHO, it should be some "if" is missing somewhere, and that the "dot" GraphViz is still called (for version identification ?).

    This being said, even with this error reported, SchemaSpy looks like running as said above.

    I am gonna try to go further tomorrow.


  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-02-17

    The latest version in Subversion no longer reports problems with dot if HTML generation is disabled.

  • ddv

    ddv - 2010-02-22

    ok, it works just fine.
    Thanks again.

  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-08-17
    • status: open --> pending
  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-08-17

    Implemented in Release 5.0.0.

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