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  • Timothy Legge

    Timothy Legge - 2012-08-28


    I have found SchemaSpy to work well for documenting a sqlite database that I am documenting.  I am trying to figure out whether the following is supported or would make  useful features (it would for me)…

    1) Is there a way (possibly via -meta to specify the meaning of values in a column?  For example a value of 1 = Open, 2 = Closed

    I can do it in column comments but that is not ideal.  I would like a section after the table that provides a legend for any columns that have a value and description/name pair.

    2) It would be nice if there was a way to document operations like delete and add and possible update to describe how a tables rows are added, deleted or updated.

    I am "reverse engineering"/documenting a database that is under constant development by a vendor and the ability to describe not just the order that a deleting must occur but also which tables/rows need to be updated or deleted if a row is deleted would be very nice.

    3) Which brings me to a third item, the ability to specify a database version to allow me to specify which version of the database the document applied to.

    Altogether a useful project, thanks for the great work.



  • Timothy Legge

    Timothy Legge - 2012-09-05

    I decided to jump in and add the db schema version feature.  I have a version in place so that you can define it either at the command line or via the meta file and it outputs the version information on the output pages.  That is fine for manually changing the db schema version for my needs.  I have a patch if anyone wants it.


  • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

    Hi Tim.

    I'm interested in the DB Version patch.


  • Timothy Legge

    Timothy Legge - 2014-03-22


    Sorry for the delay but I was alos asked about this a week ago by another user and it took me a while to find it.

    The diff against revision 653 is attached. It just requires:


    defined in the metadata xml file (replace 52 with any number you want).



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