Relationships tab - All columns invisible

  • Donghyeok Sohn

    Donghyeok Sohn - 2012-05-03

    Dear john currier 

    I’m using the database which is the Oracle 11g now and the most updated version SchemaSpy is being used. I discovered

    that all relationship diagram of Tab wasn’t extracted properly. I found out the problem that all columns are invisible at

    Relation diagram. In Schema case which has a few tables that I checked the relationship diagram is going well.

    However, the Schema which I tried to extract has 800 tables. So I’d like to know it is SchemaSpy error or Graphviz error.

    I’m looking forward to all of your answers. Thanks to help them.

    Sincerely John

  • Donghyeok Sohn

    Donghyeok Sohn - 2012-05-03

    PS. When table contains columns more than roughly 10.000 , all columns is invisible.


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