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  • JC Francois

    JC Francois - 2007-12-30


    I am working with sqlite3 embedded in my application and SchemaSpy looks like the tool I need to keep track of my DB development. But is there a way to load a schema file into SchemaSpy?



    • John Currier

      John Currier - 2008-01-02

      I googled for sqlite and jdbc found http://www.ch-werner.de/javasqlite/overview-summary.html
      I don't know, however, how much of their JDBC database metadata is implemented.

      The best approach would be to take hsqldb.properties and modify connectionSpec, driver and driverPath to the sqlite equivalents, saving the results as sqlite.properties.  Then use -t to point to your new sqlite.properties file.

      Note that it's probable that they haven't implemented all of the JDBC database metadata that SchemaSpy is looking for, but maybe it'll work.

      Let me know,

  • jdanilson

    jdanilson - 2010-04-21

    I would also be interested in this as I've inherited a sqlite db and getting the metadata from its built in functions is tedious at best.  I'll monitor this topic in case you ever decide to tackle this. 


  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-04-22

    I've put together a simple .properties file for it.  Based on what I've seen on their page I don't, however, have a lot of faith in their Java abilities.  Hopefully they've done their homework and are playing by the rules in their driver.  Here's what I put together:

    db=path to database or :memory:
    # Sample path to the SQLite drivers.
    # Use -dp to override.

    Please let me know if it comes close to working.


  • jdanilson

    jdanilson - 2010-04-27

    Well, you've exceeded my Java ability (which is pretty darn easy to do). 

    So let me know how I use this and I'll give it a try.

    John D.

    ps. missed you this year when we were at Vail.

  • John Currier

    John Currier - 2010-04-27

    I've updated the beta version with the sqlite.properties file listed.  Try it with -t sqlite and let me know how it goes.

    Note that the .properties file doesn't need to be within the jar.  If you needed to you can just create a sqlite.properties file from what I posted and use -t to point to that file (e.g. -t c:\sqlite.properties).

    Yea, I love Vail.  We went to A Basin Saturday and it was phenomenal.  11 inches of fresh powder at the end of April….wow.


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