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Perl for Oracle DBA's !

Anyone who is a DBA or interested in oracle and Perl should go and buy this book !!!

Posted by Alistair Orchard 2002-08-30

HTML Nearly finished, XML next

HTML work is almost finished and not wanting to end the project I am going to have another output. XML ! why ? Because I Can, XML is also a good format for putting the results into Anything else, a Database... reporting program ? !

Posted by Alistair Orchard 2001-11-22

HTML To come !

At the moment SchemaDiff prints out ASCII which to be honest is not the prettiest of outputs. I will have an option to print well formatted HTML instead.

Posted by Alistair Orchard 2001-11-19

SchemaDiff 2.0.0

SchemaDiff 2 is on its way and clears up Several bugs that have been found. Triggers will be fully compared as they are not in 1.0.0, Version 2 will create DDL Scripts to change a database to match its compared DB.

Posted by Alistair Orchard 2001-11-12