Mark indexed columns in command=graph

  • Markus Kreth

    Markus Kreth - 2014-03-11

    is it possible in an output graphic to mark indexed column names?
    This is concerned to a sqlite db.
    This is my command line: .\sc.cmd -database $path -infolevel=maximum -portablenames -Gdpi=300 -c=graph -outputfile $outfile

    Some Foreign keys in our db are just indexed as there are values possible that don't reference an other table row (such as -1 or 0).

    I need these indexed columns maked somehow - mayby with an (i) or just *

    Is this possible?

    Best regards

  • Sualeh Fatehi

    Sualeh Fatehi - 2014-03-11


    Yes, I could do this, but I will probably add another section to the table diagram. This is because the order of columns in indexes is significant, and a column may be in more than one index. I will find a way to show this on the graph.


  • Markus Kreth

    Markus Kreth - 2014-03-11

    Maybe the mark must be numbered, as indexes can reference multiple columns

    thanks for the great work! Helps me much!


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