Sebastien Carreau

Refactoring Assessment Scertify accesses external resources via the web. This is why the use of a proxy can be problematic. Here are the steps to help you overcome these problems.

  1. On Sonar, log in as administrator and go to 'Settings' => 'General Settings' => 'TechDebt'. Complete information about your proxy ('Proxy Host' and 'Proxy Port', possibly 'User Proxy' and 'Proxy Password' if your proxy requires authentication). Click the button at the bottom of the page to save the information. Since version 1.3.0+ this information no longer exist. Indeed the plugin uses the proxy configuration of Sonar (which is set in the the file path/to/sonar/conf/

  2. On the computer where Sonar is installed make sure you get access with your browser to the following address: . You should see the contents of an xml file. Of course your brower have to be configured with your proxy information.

  3. Make sure Sonar reaches outside. For this log in as administrator and go to 'Settings' => 'Update Center'. You should be able to connect to the Update Center. If this is not the case then edit the file located at ...path/to/sonar/conf/ in the Update Center section, uncomment and complete lines for the configuration of your proxy.

If you still can not perform an analysis with the plugin you can send us an email at the following address:
In this mail please give following information so that we can help you:

  • The log of sonar analysis with the -X option ('mvn sonar: sonar-X ' in ​​the root of your Maven project)
  • If you can access the Sonar Update Center
  • If you can access the address from the computer where Sonar is installed
  • A screenshot of the console of Sonar once it is started
  • If Sonar is launched in standalone (via sh/bat script) or if it is a war file in an application server.
  • If directory [sonar]/data/tocea/techdebt exists and if a file named '' exists inside.
  • Your file [sonar]/logs/sonar.log, in preference : stop Sonar -> delete file sonar.log -> restart Sonar -> launch an analysis. We will need this file sonar.log once the analysis is complete.
  • Your file
  • A copy of the contents of the 'System Info' page in Sonar, accessible being logged in as administrator
  • The characteristics of your proxy (proxy type, what it stops...)