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Scertify™ Refactoring Assessment is an open source component dedicated to development & QA teams that provides exclusive benchmark data on Software Quality. It automatically detects the portions of an application that can be refactored, gives valuable information on refactoring strategies, and costs.

Though IT departments have matured these last 10 years and have now no doubt on the benefits of a continuous control of code quality, three major concerns were still remaining, without any tools able to effectively addressing these needs:

  • How to understand quality indicators, and how to compare them with the state of the art?
  • How to measure and manage the gap between the absolute quality level of a software, and a reasonable (reachable) target of quality?
  • What are the shortest and safe ways to achieve your quality goals?

Scertify™ Refactoring Assessment is a free & open source tool (read the LGPL license) designed to provide development teams with clear insights on these concerns, enabling them to:

  • Improve the settings/quality profiles of their Software Quality Measurement tools (ie: Sonar, PMD, Checkstyle…)
  • Smartly manage their daily tasks of the code quality remediation
  • Benchmark the quality of their code and compare it with similar projects
  • Assess the opportunity (and the associated cost/saving) of an application code refactoring

For more details : Description of the functionalities

Project thought and developped by Tocea. Tocea Company


  • Sonar version above or equal 2.6 check website
  • JDK > 1.5
  • 200m hard disk


This plugin is absolutely free of charge and follows the LGPL license.
However to obtain the detailled statistics, some informations are required from the user :

Are transmitted :

  • a valid email
  • name of the audited projects (may be encrypted in the settings panel)
  • results of the audits (violations, metrics)

No code is transmitted. We absolutely respect privacy and intellectual property of the code we are auditing. Tocea and their sofwares never transmit any piece of code.


  • Copy the jar into [sonar-dir]/extensions/plugins
  • Restart Sonar
  • Login as an admin, go to Configuration, General Settings and select 'Tocea : Scertify Refactoring Assessment'
  • Insert your email adress
  • Launch a new quality analysis (mvn sonar:sonar) and go to 'Refactoring Assessment' page

Requires Sonar version 2.6 or higher

The field of the email address is required and must be entered to run the plugin.
Once filled you can use the plugin for your next five audits.
Then it will have either change the fields by another email address, or send an email to Tocea to ask the registering of your email address, allowing you to use the plugin indefinitely.


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quality profile
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action plans
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Settings: As mentioned previously, an email adress is needed and have to be set in settings plugin page. There are also settings to configure a proxy if your Sonar is under a proxy. You can choose the language, English(en) and French(fr) are available for now, default is english. Finally you can encrypt of your project names (by default it is not).

Quality Profile: Differencial between your quality profile and that suggested by Tocea.

Action plan: Make action plans to correct your violations. These action plans take care of the time you have to do it and the weight you specify for classifications of violated rules (more stars there are for a classification more this classification is important according to you). This classification of rules is done by Tocea. Three types of action plans are available, those types define the sort of result (from most to least important) :

  • Comprehensive : rule classification -> rule priority(from blocker to info) -> refactoring impact(from local to project) -> refactoring time(from min to max).
  • Fast : refactoring time -> rule classification -> rule priority -> refactoring impact.
  • Safe : refactoring impact -> rule classification -> rule priority -> refactoring time.

Refactoring: List of violated rules of your project with Tocea information. This list can be filter by possibility of refactoring with Tocea tools and rule classification.

Statistics: Statistics of your project. it shows you measures of your project metrics compared to those of all projects in Tocea database.

Architecture and technical details


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