Additional features

Sebastien Carreau
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The following features are to be paid.
Each feature requires a license key purchased from Tocea (

Jira : create Jira issues from actions plan


This feature allows you to create issues on your Jira server, selected from violations by creating your action plan.
Each violated file in your action plan will create an issue on Jira.
The issue priority of the issue corresponds to the highest priority among violated rules.
Jira issue looks like this:


  • Sonar version 2.6 or higher
  • Sonar TechDebt Plugin version 1.4.0 or higher
  • Sonar Jira Extension Licence key purchased from Tocea
  • Jira server
  • Internet connection


  • Logged as admin in Sonar, go to 'Configuration'->'TechDebt'

    • In 'TechDebt' tab : insert your email (wich corresponds to your Tocea account) and save.

    • In 'Jira' tab :

      • insert your Tocea License key for Jira feature
      • insert the url of your Jira server and your login/password for this one, then save. By saving these parameters a connection to the Jira server will be established and the other fields will be populated.
      • select the Jira issue type you want to be created
      • map the Sonar priorities(info, minor, major, critical, blocker) to the Jira priorities.
      • save
  • For all Sonar projects you want create Jira issues from actions plans, go to 'TechDebt' page of the project then 'Configuration' at the top right. In the 'Jira' tab insert the key of the Jira project you want to be associated with this Sonar project then save. If this tab is not visible it means you are not allowed to use this feature (email and license key not valid or internet connection problem).


In the 'TechDebt' page of your project, go to 'Actions plans' tab and create your actions plan then click on the Jira button. This action may last a while depending on the number of files in your action plan.