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Scarse version 0.4-alpha is out!

Version 0.4-alpha is the first new release of Scarse Project in a while.

Profile generation algorithm has been almost completely rewritten, and is significantly more accurate and robust. Generated profiles are tested with Photoshop/Adobe ACE and are drop-in compatible. The source code has been ported to Windows, and binary Windows distribution is available.

Posted by Andrei Frolov 2005-10-20

Two known bugs in 0.3...

A number of people have reported two bugs present in Scarse 0.3-alpha. They will be dealt with in the next release; in the meantime, download fixes from patch manager, if you have not done so already.

In other news, I've started developing version 0.4. My main effort right now goes into work on profile generation algorithm. I am getting rid of interpolation routines (which have proven themselves incurably flaky), and replacing them with model fitting. The work goes slowly however, as I don't have much time to spare nowadays...

Posted by Andrei Frolov 2001-03-19

Version 0.3-alpha released!

This is a major new release of Scarse. A lot of new functionality, and internals have undergone extensive changes. New image IO wrapper library supports reading both TIFF and PPM, and adding other formats is much less complicated now. Color adjustment has been added to cmap,
with automatic algorithm to handle negative film. Calibrate has been almost completely rewritten to allow for more flexible calibration data handling. Accuracy of ipb profile generation algorithm is significantly improved, especially in the shadows. Profiles now should be completely interchangeable with other CMS software.... read more

Posted by Andrei Frolov 2000-09-21

Scarse is coming to SourceForge

Scarse project is coming out of the closet! After almost a
year of hiding in the shadows of my personal web pages at, it is going to bravely show
itself to a wider online audience. Please be gentle :)...

Scarse is getting set up at SourceForge, and if everything
works out well, will be hosted there permanently. We also
got our own domain name now (, and will be
setting it up shortly (unless we run into unexpected difficulties,
as it often happens :).

Posted by Andrei Frolov 2000-07-09