Karl3i - 2010-01-24

Hi there,

I'm trying to checkout the repository through commandline. The download stops at gpl.txt as you can see below:

C:\mine\CVSNT>cvs.exe  -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@scanner-copier.cvs.sourceforge.n
et:/cvsroot/scanner-copier co -P scanner-copier
cvs checkout: Updating scanner-copier
U scanner-copier/MAINICON.ICO
U scanner-copier/Makefile
U scanner-copier/README.txt
U scanner-copier/Twain.h
U scanner-copier/config.h
U scanner-copier/gpl.h
U scanner-copier/gpl.txt

Looking at the download location on my HD, there is one more file, namely _new_libMagickCore-2.dll, but its size is 0 Kb.

Any idea?

Many thanks.