#6 scanning fails after minor clamav update


Hi Olivier!

Problems occured a week ago, when updating CentOS clamav packages from
0.98.3-1 to 0.98.4. Loading ClamAV DB fails, scanning is not possible.

scannedonlyd_clamav[2550]: Starting with socket /var/lib/scannedonly/scan and 4 threads
scannedonlyd_clamav[2550]: WARNING: Loading ClamAV database failed: Can't allocate memory
scannedonlyd_clamav[2550]: ABORT, exiting: no clam engine

Where does the error come from? clamav oder scannedonlyd? Should I file a bug report on clamav package?

A bit lost.

(Compiled from scannedonlyd-0.21)


  • Olivier Sessink

    Olivier Sessink - 2014-07-17

    I'm not sure, I haven't seen this before, I hop I can have a look before my holiday

  • Olivier Sessink

    Olivier Sessink - 2014-07-18

    just installed clamav 0.98.4/19197 on Debian Testing and it loads the A/V database fine... Are you sure the AV database is available?

  • Martin

    Martin - 2014-07-21

    Just had a look: Everything concerning clamav-db is in place. Freshclam works, clamscan works when 0.98.3 or 0.98.4 is used. Only Scannedonlyd fails to load clamdb when 0.98.4 is installed. Will downgrade again.

    Where does this "failed to allocate mem" message come from? How can I produce helpful debug output?

  • Martin

    Martin - 2015-08-20

    I had pinned clamav until the release of CentOS 6.7. By applying the update to 6.7 clamav packages were upgraded to 0.98.7. Everything seems to run smooth again.


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