#1 Ability to exclude specified definition files


I run an email group server and found over months of testing scamp that INetMsg-SpamDomains triggers too many false positives in incoming email scans, leading to dissatisfied email group owners who are truly posting non-spam messages.

As I upgrade from version to version of scamp, I am needing to remember to edit scamp.sh to remove the two lines:

Can some mechanism be provided in the config file so specified definition files can be blacklisted from the script - so once configured, I don't need to be so careful about upgrading?

Thanks much!!


  • Gerard

    Gerard - 2011-01-09
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  • Gerard

    Gerard - 2011-01-09

    As you are no doubt aware, the "INet-Msg" definition files come in two flavors and are supplied by Sanesecurity. I was seriously thinking of providing both flavors, I presently only offer the one, and making that a configurable option. Due to my present work load, I will probably not get that modification done, along with the rest of what I am working on until early spring.

    You have all ready found the perfect solution for your problem at present. I will give you advance notice when I get the new version ready for testing.

    I had though that the last few versions did not require a rebuild of the config file. Perhaps I should look into that also. I am a one man operation with very little time to spare. I had at one time started work on a version that used MySQL as a back end and made every single definition file configurable. I just ran out of time and resources on it. Perhaps someday i will revisit it.

    Thank you very much for your feedback and support.

  • Glen Stewart

    Glen Stewart - 2011-01-09

    Thanks - yes, I did try the INetMsg-SpamDomains-2w (week) option, and while things were improved, false positives still occurred. I'll continue editing the files at upgrades.

  • Gerard

    Gerard - 2013-03-26

    The INet-Msg and MSRBL files have been completely removed from the new 5.4 version. I also made it easier to add or remove files from each category. If you need assistance with that, please contact me.

  • Gerard

    Gerard - 2013-03-26
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